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One of our dedicated templater will attend site at a pre-arranged date and time and will carry out the template of the worktops or splashbacks. The template can be carried out using latest digital laser or our digital Faro template machine.

We can also offer a manual template using cordex plastic.

All areas to which stone is to be installed should be ready and in final position prior to templating.

Please ensure all units and appliances are:

  • Level

  • Fixed Together

  • Secured to wall or floor

  • Plastered (walls)

  • please ensure all new sinks / taps / hobs are on site before we template.

  • All existing worktops whether temporary or otherwise, should be removed.

  • In addition, all existing sinks, taps and hobs should be removed.


To carry out an installation we will send one of our 2 man fitting teams (more maybe required depending on the size of the installation). They will arrive fully uniformed in one of our sign written vehicles.

In order to carry out an installation, the following should apply:

  • No units to be moved or altered in anyway since templating.

  • All required battens and additional support should be in place.

  • Live electric power should be available.

  • Walls should not be plastered/skimmed between template and install.

  • Work area is clean and clear.

  • If requested we will secure the sink using a strong adhesive, once set you will not be able to remove the sink. We will then apply a silicone bead to ensure water tightness.


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